The Blue Ridge Baptist Campmeeting in Mount Airy, NC, is held every year the first 2 full weeks in June, Monday thru Friday, at 7:30 each night.
Each year from January-April, there are rally meetings at various churches on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.
In May there is a rally revival held at one of the churches. See Calendar for details.

Preaching at the 2019 Campmeeting:
June 3-7 -- Bro. Leonard Fletcher, pastor of Dyson Grove Baptist Church, in Butler, TN
June 10-14 -- Bro. Ken Bowman, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, pastor of Bowden, GA


We are so excited about this year's campmeeting!  The preaching of the Word of God has been wonderful to hear, as well as the excellent singing.

• The DVDs include the full service of each night.
• The weekly full sets come in a DVD box designed to hold 5 discs.
• Individual DVDs come in a clear case.

(BRBC Week 1, 2014)

(BRBC Week 1, 2015)

$20.00 for an entire week set
$5.00 for individual DVDs

• 1 or 2 complete sets - $5.00
• 3 or 4 complete sets - $6.00
• Individual DVDs - $3/1, $4/2, $5/3-4
If you attend a local church affiliated with the Blue Ridge Baptist Campmeeting, and if you ordered by the end of June, to save on postage your DVDs will be delivered to your church together with other orders.

Order Form:
Please print and mail in this order form.
If you are unable to print, please write down and mail all important information as shown on the form.
Include check or money order.  Paypal also accepted.  Email to request invoice.

Any Questions:
• Email
• Call Travis Hawks at (336) 374-5524
You may need to leave a message.

List of available DVDs.  Please note which year they were made.

2013 Week 1 – Bro. James Knox
Mon. night - The Lamb of God          
Tues. night -The Dying Thief      
Wed. night - The Axe Head         
Thurs. night - All About Jesus     
Fri. night - Don’t Quit     

2013 Week 2 – Bro. Randy Hobbs
Mon. night - Walking with God in the Last Days            
Tues. night - What God Hath Done   
Wed. night - Digging the Wells         
Thurs. night - Bow the Knee  
Fri. night - Thank You, Lord, For Saving My Soul    

2014 Week 1 – Bro. Leonard Fletcher
Mon. night - A Glimpse Behind the Glass     
Tues. night - The Difficulty of Recognizing When Your Light Has Gone Out
Wed. night - Some Things to Remember When it Looks Like the Devil Has Won
Thurs. night - Things to Remember When Trials of Life Have Put the Squeeze on You
Fri. night - When God Allows You to be Treated Like Dirt
2014 Week 2 – Bro. Darrell Cox
Mon. night - When God Turns Things Around
Tues. night - Possessing a Joyless Salvation
Wed. night - Some Ways Satan Hinders Us
Thurs. night - Things Not to do When the Storms Come
Fri. night - God’s Recipe for Soulwinning

2015 Week 1 – Bro. James Knox
Mon. night - Who is on the Lord's Side
Tues. night - Calming the Storm
Wed. night - Over the Wall
Thurs. night - Jesus Christ: To Him Be Glory and Dominion Forever
Fri. night - The Answers to Your Church Problems

2015 Week 2 – Bro. Rayton Puckett
Mon. night - The Mouth of the Lord Hath Spoken It
Tues. night - The Mouth of the Lord Hath Spoken It II
Wed. night - And the Glory of the Lord Shall be Revealed
Thurs. night - Jesus the Shepherd
Fri. night - The Lord Reigneth in Zion

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