We are so excited about this year's campmeeting!  The preaching of the Word of God has been wonderful to hear, as well as the excellent singing.

You may listen to services from this year and some previous years online, on Facebook or on YouTube.  All services may not be available in both places, due to streaming difficulties.

If you would like to order a Cased Set or Individual DVDs, please see below.

• The DVDs include the full service of each night (singing and preaching)
Cased Set -- The weekly full sets come in a DVD case designed to hold 5 discs.
Individual DVDs -- come in a semi-clear case.  We now use flexible plastic cases (not shown) for durability.

Individual DVD and a Cased Set

Inside of a Cased Set 

$20.00 for an entire week's set
$5.00 for individual DVDs

• 1 or 2 complete sets - $6.00
• 3 or 4 complete sets - $7.00
• Individual DVDs - $3/1 DVD, $4/2 DVDs, $5/3-4 DVDs
• For Priority Mail, please add $4.00 to the above.

If you attend a local church affiliated with the Blue Ridge Baptist Campmeeting, and if you ordered by the end of June for the current yearto save on postage, your DVDs will be delivered to your church together with other orders.

Otherwise, please pay the shipping as listed above.

Please email blueridgebaptistcampmeeting@gmail.com and let us know which DVDs and/or which year/week/day(s) you would like to order.

We will email you a PayPal invoice, which may be paid online with a credit or debit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account.

►Before clicking Pay, please check that your current address shows in the address field.  This address will print out on your shipping label.  

If you prefer to pay by mail, please let us know.

Any Questions:
• Email blueridgebaptistcampmeeting@gmail.com 
• Call Travis Hawks at (336) 374-5524
  You may need to leave a message.

List of available DVDs.  
When ordering, please specify the Year, Week, and Day.

2019 Week 1 – Bro. Leonard Fletcher
Mon. night - What is Drawing You Away from the Needful Thing?        
Tues. night - What Will Cross Your Mind When you Have 35 Minutes to Live?      
Wed. night - Some Things to be Reminded of When You Are Simply Trying to Hold it All Together
Thurs. night - Some Dangers to Avoid While Waiting on God to Move    
Fri. night - Do You Have What it Takes to Go to Heaven?     

2019 Week 2 – Bro. Ken Bowmen 
Mon. night - The Midnight Hour            
Tues. night - Is There Not a Cause   
Wed. night - Lord, I Want to Be Right    
Thurs. night - There's a Doctor in the House
Fri. night - How to Know When You Are Sinking    

2020 Week 1 – Bro. Darrell Cox
Mon. night - Will Thy Seat Be Empty?       
Tues. night -Why Are Ye So Fearful     
Wed. night - Haggai and the Bag of Holes      
Thurs. night - Go On     
Fri. night - The Musts in the Gospel of John   

2020 Week 2 – Bro. James Knox
Mon. night - Cities on Fire          
Tues. night - Jesus Prevails when Life's off the Rails
Wed. night - Pick a Side     
Thurs. night - The Power of God is Greater
Fri. night - It Will be Different the Next Time He Comes 

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